Hydra crane WHL23TC

Hydraulischer LKW-Ladekran WELDCO BEALES WHL23TC

WHL23TC75 (new WHL3010-75)

WHL23TC100 (new WHL2910-100)

23 to. truck mounted hydraulic crane. RAC-Germany.
The Model WHL23TC100 offers a long boom length that provides s distinct advantage on construction sites. The 4-stage dual crowd boom only uses a single cylinder mounted inside the boom.

Designed to offer a mid capacity crane with a simple 3-stage boom that extends to 75 feet of length, or a 4-stage boom that extends to 100 feet of length. Weldco's newest truck crane was introduced in the summer of 2004 at the Global Petroleum show in Calgary.

  • Wireless anti-two block (A2B) shut down protection system.
  • Hydraulic planetary winch, 12000 lb turret mounted - 2 speeds, electric shift
  • Massive Rotek type slewing ring with oversize external gear teeth
  • External drive swing box with eccentric ring backlash adjustment
  • Pressure compensated piston pump comes with low-pressure joy stick controls
  • Fully insulated cab with ergonomically designed controls
  • Wireless load moment indicator (LMI) and shutdown system available

This crane offers the long boom lengths, which are an advantage on a lot of construction sites today, without the requirement of investing extra capital into crane configuration with rated capacities higher than 23 tons. The common hydraulic control panel shared with the HL30TC70 (new WHL3710-70) and HL30TC85 (new WHL4010-85) performs all functions with total confidence. The cable crowded boom is available in the 3-stage, single crowd boom or available in the 4-stage, dual crowd boom which only used a single cylinder inside the boom.

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