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Tandem Disks

Versatile tandem discs are built to handle trash and incorporate heavy residue. Utilizing a one of a kind floating hitch, Versatile tandem discs leave a more level finish when compared to competitive units. All Versatile disc gangs are torqued to an unparalleled 3,200 ft lbs of torque. Steel fabricated spools are built to withstand heavy shock loads and prevent gangs from slipping. Versatile discs are also built using the best bearings in the industry, so you stay in the field until the job is done. There are different models available.

Versatile Tandem Disks – Product features

Versatile TD500
The Versatile TD500 with a full floating hitch is a multi-purpose disc with the ability to break ground and to prepare a smooth seed bed. Available in 8" and 9" (203, 230 mm) spacing the TD500 ranges in working widths from 23.5' to 40.5' (7.2 to 12.3 m). Versatile Tandem Disk Model TD500 Versatile Tandem Disk Model TD600 Versatile Tandem Disk Model TD700

Versatile TD600/F
The Versatile TD600 and TD600F with a full floating hitch provide maximum ground penetration and unparalleled trash handling abilities. Featuring the industry’s heaviest bearings and steel fabricated spools the TD600 and TD600F are built to stand up in all conditions. The TD600F model features a transport height below 14' (4.3 m).

Versatile TD700/F
The Versatile TD700 and TD700F with a full floating hitch were built to manage heavy residue in corn, stubble and beets or to turn pasture or hay fields. With gangs torqued to 3200 ft-lbs and T2-215 bearings the TD700 will withstand almost anything. The TD700F folds to a transport height of just 13' 8".

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