• Vacuum tank superstructure on all terrain 6x6 Mercedes-Benz truck.
    Vac Trucks for off-road
    and oilfield operation
  • RAC-Germany. Different kind of heavy duty crane trucks for building sites or oilfield application
    Crane Trucks
  • Custom-made diesel fuel tank truck and semi trailer for highway and off-highway operation
    Fuel Truck and Semi-Trailer
    for off-road application
  • Low-bed trailer for off-road transportation of heavy duty machines and equipment
    Lowboys for off-road application
  • Heavy duty rear tipping semi trailer. Custom-made in Europe. RAC-Germany
    Tipper Trucks and
    rear tipping Semi-Trailer
  • Different types and sizes of water tank trucks. Many options possible. Made in Germany.
    Water Tank Trucks
  • Service trucks with flatbed and hydraulic knuckle boom crane. Made in Germany
    Flatbed Trucks with Crane
  • Vacuum tank truck, custom-made in Germany
    Suction and Sewage Trucks
    for off-road application
  • Flushing and cleaning of road sewer- RAC-Germany water tanker with special equipment.
    Jetting and Flushing Trucks
  • Lubrication and fueling of heavy machinery in mines and on big construction sites
    Lube Trucks
    for off-road and mining
  • Vehicles for special tasks. Let us know your individual requirements.
    Mining Trucks
    and special Vehicles
  • Different types and models of semi-trailer for reliable off-road transportation jobs in remote areas or in the oilfield.
    Oilfield Flatbed Trailer
  • We offer on-site commissioning and training of your staff for trucks, trailers and equipment purchased by RAC-Germany.
    After-sales Service –
    Training - Troubleshooting

We manufacture in Germany all kinds of heavy duty Commercial Trucks and Semi-Trailers.
Custom-made engineering according to your special needs

Welcome to Germany

Design, engineering and production of custom-built trucks and semi-trailers for construction site, mine, refinery, agricultural plantation and oil- and gas industry:

  • Vacuum Tank Trucks
  • Water and Fuel Tank Truck and Semi-Trailer
  • Jetting and Flushing Truck
  • Workshop and Lubrication truck
  • Low-bed Semi-Trailer
  • Agricultural Trailer
  • Tipping Truck and Semi-Trailer
  • LPG Semi-Trailer
  • etc.

Agricultural machines and equipment such as tractor, sprayer, harvester, tillage etc.