Camion-citerne carburant et lubrification

Camion citerne de 30.000 l. Tout-terrain, pour gazole et service de lubrification

Camion citerne spécial pour le transport de gazole et le service de lubrification


SUPER  FUEL  &  LUBE  TRUCK. Fuel tanker and lubrication truck

Volume: approx. 30.000 ltr.. + 3% expansion

High Quality Product. MADE IN GERMANY

Tank support

The tank itself is mounted at the rear side with the original tipping bearing and supported in tank saddles with heavy duty rubber mountings on the whole length of the chassis frame


Tank shape Elliptical 30.000 ltr.. + 3% expansion
Tank compartments Seven (7)
1 x 25.000 ltr. Diesel fuel tank
4 x 1.000 ltr. Oil tank for engine oil, transmission oil etc.
1 x 1.000 ltr. Waste oil tank

Separate tanks
1 x 250 ltr. Coolant tank
1 x 205 ltr. Grease (provision for mounting one 205 ltr. grease drum)

The main tank is manufactured of thick high-grade steel –S235JRG2-, thickness 6 mm electrically welded throughout with accurately finished welding seams. Dished bulkheads on both sides and appropriate nos. of splash walls. The splash walls are mounted not less than 900 mm and not more than 1750 mm between each other according ADR.

Working platform

At the rear end of the main tank, a solid and heavy-duty platform is mounted.
Access ladder on right-hand side for easy access to platform. Fixed hand-rail at the platform for safety reason.

On the platform TECALEMIT equipment and spring loaded hose-reels are mounted for diesel refuelling and handling of engine oil, transmission oil, waste-oil, coolant and grease.

Walkway and Collapsible hand-rail

Open mesh walkway on the right-hand side of the manhole covers, with rear mounted access ladder and collapsible hand-rail on the top of the tank.

Tank bodies can be built up to

  • 22.000 ltr. on 3-axles truck chassis (normal road trucks, such as Mercedes, MAN etc.)
  • 30.000 ltr. on 4-axles truck chassis (normal road trucks, such as Mercedes, MAN etc.)
  • 60.000 ltr. executed as tank trailer


Please download more technical details and pictures in the below PDF.


All SUPER FUEL & LUBE TRUCKS are custom-made in accordance to your specific requirements.We can offer truck chassis from

  • CASE
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • MAN
  • etc.
VOLVO fuel tanker and lubrication truck for off-road application
30.000 ltr. Fuel Tanker and Lubrication Truck with seven (7) different tank compartments on heavy duty VOLVO off-road dumper truck chassis.
Off-road lube truck with 250 ltr. tank for coolant liquid
Rear right side view of off-road lube truck with 250 ltr. tank for coolant liquid, right above the collapsible access ladder
Spring loaded hose-reel (TECALEMIT) with 15 m hose and coolant tank
View of coolant tank (right side) with electrically / pneumatically driven pump.
Spring loaded hose-reel (TECALEMIT) with 15 m hose and integrated flow-meter and discharge nozzle on left side.
Off-road Lubrication Truck with 7 different compartments
Off-road Lubrication Truck with 25000 ltr. tank for diesel fuel, four (4) 1000 ltr. oil tanks and one (1) 1000 ltr. waste oil tank. Additionally provisions for coolant liquid and grease drum
Solid working platform mounted at the rear end of the main tank of the off-road lube truck
At the rear end of the main tank superstructure is a solid working platform mounted and equipped with TECALEMIT hose reels and accessories
View of off-road Lube-Truck rear end. Custom-built in Germany, Europe
Off-road Lube-Truck rear end: Provision for mounting of one 205 ltr. grease drum is firm mounted on the working platform, left from coolant tank. Driven with an electrically/pneumatically pump and a spring loaded hose-reel with 15m hose with greasing nozzle
Lockable armature cabinet at the rear end of the lube truck
Armature cabinet at the rear end of the lube truck under the working platform with discharge outlets, pump and metering system. LED lights are mounted inside the cabinet for "night jobs" and the steel box can be sealed for security reason.
Lube Truck Details. Valve cabinet with discharge outlets
Left side of the steel valve cabinet with discharge outlets: Cam-lock 2 ½ inch and valves
Lube truck detail. Valve cabinet with pump and metering system. RAC-Germany
Right side of the steel valve cabinet with pump and metering system. Off-road Lube-Trucks, custom-made in Germany.
Pneumatic operated oil-pumps on lubrication truck. RAC-Germany, Europe
Detailed view of four (4) units pneumatic operated oil-pumps. Flow-rate: 20-30 ltr./min.
Lube truck with TECALEMIT® hose reels. RAC-Germany®. Made in Germany, Europe.
TECALEMIT® hose reels and accessories, firm mounted on the working platform of the lube truck, for comfortable handling.

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