Camion container d’atelier avec citerne carburnat

Châssis 6x6 pour terrains difficiles. Citerne diesel de 3 500 l en tant que station d'essence mobile. Conteneur atelier de 6 m

Mercedes-Benz truck 3341A (6x6), payload: 30 to. Service truck for oilfield vehicles with 3500 l. diesel tank behind the cabine (driving service station) and reinforced platform for general cargo and 20 feet containers (i. e. workshop container).

Chassis Cabin Mercedes-Benz Actros. Off-road 6x6
Brand new chassis cabin Mercedes-Benz Actros. Off-road model with 6x6 drive. 14.00R20 tires in order to get as much as possible ground clearance. In that case we have got 62 cm (24,4 inch) under the axles and transfer case.
Mercedes Truck 40 ton version, 10 wheels, 14.00R20, TRILEX steel rims
Brand new Mercedes-Benz Actros Truck, 40 ton version. TRILEX steel rims "Made in Germany". Configurated for oilfield application by RAC-Germany.
Oilfield truck. RAC-Germany. Production of reinforced flat bed
Production of reinforced flat bed for oilfield service truck. You can already see where the twistlock connectors for securing standard shipping containers will be placed.
3500 ltr. fuel tank between drivers cabin and flatbed. Oilfield service truck
Oilfield service truck (6x6) with fuel tank (3500 l. = 924 gallons) between drivers cabin and front-end protection of the flatbed.
Special dessert edition: Oilfield service truck 6x6 drive
Custom-made oilfield service truck 6x6 as a special dessert edition with reinforced main frame, axles, suspension, radiator, radiator for transfer case, Michelin 14.00 R 20 off-road tires, TRILEX rims etc.
Oilfield service truck with fuel tank and provision for workshop container
Fuel tank of 3500 ltr. (924 gallons) between drivers cabin and front-end protection of the flatbed. Right of the tank: removable 50 ltr. stainless steel drinking water tank and one (1) additional 400 ltr. fuel tank (grey color) below the flatbed.
Mercedes-Benz Actros off-road truck for oilffield application. Payload: 30 ton
[] Mercedes-Benz Service truck 3341A (6x6) with payload of 30 to. for off-road oilffield application.
Heavy duty flatbed with firm steel protection of the fuel tank at the front end of the platform (hight: 120 cm).
Mounted in valve cabinet: 12 m hose on hydraulically operated hose reel
On the left side of the off-road service tank truck is well protected mounted, in lockable valve cabinet (steel case): 12 m hose on hydraulically operated hose reel with automatic pump nozzle and metering system (gauge).
Flatbed of off-road service truck for general cargo or workshop container
The flatbed of that off-road oilfield service truck can be either used for general cargo (5 pairs of small manual winches) or for 20 feet standard sea and workshop container, fixed with Twistlock connectors.
Detail of rear axles: 2 x 16 ton axles with 18 ton (each) reinforced suspension
Two 16 ton rear axles with each 18 ton reinforced suspension (leaf springs).
The special "Low-Torsion" body mounting system of our superstructures is recommendable due to their strongness and torsion-resistant design in particular for Off-Road operation under rough cross-country conditions. The elastic connection between the truck chassis (main frame) and the subframe provides a highly torsion-absorbing function.
Lockable toolbox fixed under the flatbed of the off-road Mercedes-Benz service truck
Our trucks are always custom-built to meet your specific requirements. Different kind of lockable toolboxes can be fixed as from you required.
Customized off-road service trucks on Mercedes-Benz truck chassis.
Custom-made RAC-Germany® off-road service trucks on Mercedes-Benz, MAN or IVECO truck chassis for oilffield application or for tough jobs in mines or big construction sites.
These oilfield supply trucks are equipped with a picker (articulated or knuckleboom crane) or with fuel tanks and always with a heavy duty flatbed for general goods or workshop container.

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