Camion hydrocureur / à recyclage d'eau

Camion vacuum. Frabiqué en Allemagne. Fabrication spéciale.

Custom-made Vacuum–Jetting-Flushing-Tank-Truck

For the transport and suction of oil, mud, waste-water (sewage) and for high-pressure cleaning.

Volume: approx. 20 000 ltr. (19.000 + 1.000)

High Quality Product. MADE IN GERMANY

Tank Body

Tank shape Cylindrical
Capacity 20 000 ltr.
Tank compartments Two (2)
19 000 ltr for Sewage / Oil / Mud / Sludge
1 000 ltr for fresh water

Tank body completely hot-galvanised in and out-side

Vacuum Tank with vacuum system

Full rear opening
Hydraulic operated rear opening made of 6mm dished plate and fitted with acid resistant sealing gasket.
Manual operated tightening bolts to secure the rear opening absolutely tight and pressure/vacuum proofed.
The rear opening is supported by heavy-duty hinges and to be opened hydraulically by manual operated pump with double acting hydraulic cylinders. A beaver tail is mounted for a smooth discharge after opening. At the lowest part of the rear dish-end, two (2) flanges mounted.

One flange 4” for suction and one flange 4” for pressure

Fresh-water-tank with Jetting System

Water tank
1 000 ltr. water-tank integrated in main-tank, completed hot-deep galvanised
Upper man-hole cover DN550 with ventilation valve,
Side-filling via STORZ C coupling
Side discharge pipe 2”
Level indicator with colour ball for measure the water level, mounted on the right-hand side
Access ladder with walkway

High pressure system
One (1) high-pressure pump, hydraulically driven by PTO of truck chassis. Hydraulic system with oil-cooler and fan.
Capacity, approx.: approx. 50ltr. / min at 150bar

All vacuum tank trucks and vacuum-jetting-flushing tank trucks are custom-made in accordance with your specific requirements.

We can offer truck chassis from Mercedes-Benz, MAN, IVECO, RENAULT, VOLVO etc.

Customized Vacuum–Jetting-Flushing-Tank-Truck 20000 l. RAC-Germany
Custom-made Vacuum–Jetting-Flushing-Tank-Truck for suction and transport of oil mud, waste-water (sewage) as well as for high-pressure cleaning. Tank capacity 19.000 ltr. vacuum tank and 1.000 ltr. fresh water, mounted on 6x4 Mercedes-Benz truck chassis, model Actros 3350. Cabin with A/C and bed compartment.
Hydraulically operated rear opening of Vacuum-Jetting-Tank truck
The rear end of the Vacuum-Jetting Tank superstructure can be furnished either with a 600 mm man hole or with complete rear opening, hydraulically operated, as shown on the above picture. However the Off-Loading Process of the tank content is always by pressure. The man hole as well as complete rear opening are only for (special) cleaning jobs. The tank needs not to be opened for loading or off-loading jobs.
18.000 ltr. capacity Vacuum-Jetting Tank superstructure mounted on IVECO Trakker chassis (6x4)
Vacuum-Jetting Tank superstructure (capacity: 18.000 ltr.) mounted on IVECO Trakker chassis (6x4).
17.000 ltr. vacuum compartment and 1.000 ltr. fresh water compartment.
High pressure hose for cleaning jobs on hose reel at the rear end of the truck.
The tank body is completely hot-dip galvanized in and out-side. Reinforcements made of U-channel, welded on the outs-side of the tank. The vacuum tank is mounted with approx. 2,0 % slope to the rear and is vacuum as well as pressure resistant.
The vacuum tank superstructure is manufactured in accordance to the German ADR specification (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).
Vacuum-Jetting-Tank truck with high pressure water pump, hydraulically driven by the PTO of the truck
Vacuum-Jetting-Tank truck with high pressure water pump, hydraulically driven by the PTO of the truck (capacity approx. 50 ltr. / min at 150 bar) and manual hose-reel with 40 m DN13, 1/2" high pressure hose, mounted at the rear right side of the truck. The tank superstructure is built up on Mercedes-Benz truck chassis model Actros 3340 (6x4).
On the right side of the truck you can identify (on the above picture) the hydraulic system, consist of:
- Oil-tank with oil-cooler and fan
- Hydraulic pump
- Return filter
- Control valves with integrated pressure relief valves
The vacuum tank is manufactured of 4 mm or 6 mm high grade steel, electrically welded throughout
Vac truck with 20000 l. capacity on Mercedes-Benz truck chassis. The vacuum tank is manufactured of 4 mm thick high grade steel (S235JRG2) electrically welded throughout with accurately finished welding seams. On customers request we are using 6 mm thick steel sheets. The dished bulkheads on both sides are always fabricated with 6 mm steel. The appropriate number of of inside baffles are made of 5 mm steel sheets. Of course the complete tank is hot-dip galvanized in-and outside.
Custom-made Vacuum Tank superstructure with HYVA® Telescopic Tipping Cylinder. RAC-Germany®
Special custom-made Vacuum Tank superstructure with Telescopic Tipping Cylinder (HYVA® tipping cylinders, Germany). Including Pneumatic Interlock System for additional safety.
Tipping cylinders are not required for normal suction jobs but rather for very special applications.
Vacuum tank superstructure with manhole. RAC-Germany®. Customized transport solutions. Made in Germany.
Instead of complete rear opening (hydraulically operated) of the vacuum tank you can just require a manhole with diameter of 600 mm. That solution is for "normal suction jobs" sufficient and will reduce the asset cost.

Vacuum-Jetting-Trucks: Manual hose-reel for high pressure cleaning tasks. RAC-Germany®
For high pressure cleaning tasks:
Hose-reel, located at the rear end of truck chassis, left- or right-hand side.
- Manual turning and hose guiding
- 40 m high pressure hose DN13 (1/2 inch). Operating pressure of 150 bar
- One (1) standard cleaning nozzle ½”
- 10m HD hose DN13 with high-pressure cleaning nozzle for general cleaning
Debris tank with hinged rear door, fully opening. Manufactured of 6mm dished plate and hinged at the top of the tank. Hydraulic operation. Made by RAC-Germany, Europe.
Full rear opening of the vacuum tank made of 6mm dished plate, hinged at the top and hydraulically operated. The debris tank door is securely fastened by hydraulic door locks or manually operated tightening bolts to secure the rear opening absolutely tight and pressure and vacuum proofed. The hydraulic rear door is fitted with an acid resistant sealing gasket. The debris tank body is made of European high-grade steel (thickness 4-5 mm) and electrically welded throughout. The vacuum tank can be provided hot dip galvanized in and out-side or inside painted with bitumen paint. Each vacuum tank will be supplied with an appropriate nos. of baffles of 5 mm thickness.
RAC-Germany high-pressure water flushing system with hydraulically driven high-pressure pump. 100 m long yellow high-pressure flushing hose on hydraulically operated hose reel.
High-pressure flushing system with an effective high-pressure pump JUROP®, hydraulically driven by the PTO of truck. Our hydraulic system is including oil-cooler and fan. The hose reel is operated hydraulically. The 100 m. long high-pressure flushing hose DN 25 (yellow) is pushed into the dirty pipeline and with changeable nozzles (180 bar water pressure and 250 ltr. water per minute) all the debris such as stones, bottles, grease, sludge, grime etc. lodged in the pipe, will be flushed out. Our effective air vacuuming system sucks all the dislodged debris and forces it into the vacuum tank, finally the blocked sewer will be opened and effective cleaned in short time.
RAC-Germany® Vacuum–Jetting-Flushing combination truck for vacuuming and transport of oil mud, sewage etc. as well as for high-pressure sewer pipe cleaning operations.
Vacuum–Jetting-Flushing combination truck for vacuuming and transport of oil mud, waste-water (sewage) as well as for high-pressure sewer pipe cleaning operations. The tank capacity is 15 000 ltr. vacuum tank and 3 000 ltr. integrated fresh water tank. The complete unit is mounted on 6x4 or 6x6 all-terrain truck chassis. The RAC-Germany® vacuum and high pressure combination truck may also be used for street flushing and many different cleaning jobs with the additionally provided high pressure water handgun (hose length 40 m, DN 13). That hose reel installed on the opposite site of the truck.

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