Camion hydrocureur (haute pression)

Camion hydrocureur (haute pression)


For high-pressure cleaning of technology road inlets, Sewer connections and sewer pipes

Volume: approx. 8 000 ltr. fresh water

High Quality Product. MADE IN GERMANY


The "Special  Low-Torsion body mounting system" for tank bodies is recommendable due to their strongness, torsion-resistant design, in particular for "Off-Road operation" under rough cross-country conditions.

The elastic connection between the truck chassis and the sub-frame provides a torsion-absorbing function.

The sub-frame is hot-dip galvanized

Water tank

Tank shape Cylindrical 8000ltr.
Tank compartments One (1)

Manufactured of thick high-grade steel –S235JRG2-, thickness 4 mm electrically welded throughout with accurately finished welding seams. Dished bulkheads on both sides with 4 mm thickness and appropriate nos. of baffles, 4 mm thick.

Level indicator with colour ball for measure the water level, mounted on the right-hand side.

High pressure system

One (1) high-pressure pump, hydraulically driven by PTO of truck chassis.
Hydraulic system with oil-cooler and fan.
Capacity.:  approx. 250 ltr. per minute at 130bar

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system consists of:

  • oil-tank with oil-cooler, fan and return filter
  • hydraulic pump
  • control valves with integrated pressure relief valves for all hydraulic operations

Control unit and wiring

The control panel is located at the rear of the chassis and made of water splash-proof panel and consists of:

  • on/off switch for working light
  • hour counter of plumber pump
  • controlling of chassis RPM, plus-minus
  • controlling of high-pressure hose, up/down
  • large hose-reel, flush
  • plug 24V - DIN for auxiliary devices

Please download more technical details and pictures in the below PDF.

All high pressure cleaner and sewer flushing truck are custom-made in accordance with your specific requirements.

We can offer truck chassis from Mercedes-Benz, MAN, IVECO, RENAULT, VOLVO, SCANIA, ISUZU etc.

Cleaning truck for high-pressure cleaning and flushing jobs. Made in Germany
Custom-made in Germany: Cleaning truck for high-pressure cleaning of technology road inlets, sewer connections and sewer pipes. Water tank capacity 8000 ltr. fresh water. High pressure pump 280ltr./minute at 130 bar pressure up to 400ltr./minute at 1200 bar pressure.
Rear view with high pressure pump, control panel and two hose reels
Rear view with high pressure pump, control panel and two hose reels. High pressure flushing and cleaning truck. Custom-made in Germany.
High pressure cleaning and sewer flushing truck on IVECO truck chassis
Right side view of 8000 l. high pressure cleaning and sewer flushing truck on IVECO 18 ton truck chassis cabin (4x2 drive).
High pressure pump, hose reel and control panel. RAC-Germany
The complete control panel is hinged on a robust metal arm and can be turned to the right side of the truck for more easy handling and controlling. The control panel box is weather proof and does not to be protected in daily use. In the middle: Top quality High Pressure Pump (Made in Europe) up to 400 ltr./minute at 1200 bar pressure (according to your specific requirements). The picture shows pump of 280 ltr. per minute with 130 bar pressure.
Two hose reels and high pressure cleaning and flushing truck. RAC-Germany
Large (yellow) hose reel located on the rear deck with manual hose guiding hydraulic turning with reversal and adjustable speed of unwinding positioning approx 180° manual turning with pneumatic securing of turn angle. Hose type: 80m of DN25 high pressure hose with operating pressure of 180bar.
Small (black-green) hose-reel manual turning and hose guiding. Hose type: 40m of DN13, 1/2" high pressure with operating pressure of 180bar.
Fixing of the sub-frame to the main frame of the truck chassis. RAC-Germany
Detailed view of how the sub-frame is mounted on the main frame of the truck chassis. The sub-frame of the water tank superstructure (which used to be completely hot-dip galvanized) can also be supplied in the original main frame color.

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