Scraper 435-485

Tracteur spécial pour tirer un scraper

BUHLER Versatile Tractors

Scraper 435-485 hp

Versatile scraper tractors are designed to be more profitable than its competitors. Because downtime is not an option in this series, its focus lies on power, durability and reliability by using only high quality components. Versatile scraper tractors are powered by Cummins engines and industry proven transmissions to meet even the heaviest challenges. Besides the Versatile 435SS and 485SS scraper tractors are more than just pans, they are both comfortable for long working days and valuable tools for any job site and any challenge.

VERSATILE Scraper Tractors 4WD 435-550 HP
Using high quality components, Versatile Scraper Special tractors focus on power, durability and reliability, because downtime is not an option. Engineered to be heavy-duty, Versatile Scraper Special tractors feature Cummins QSX15 engines and industry proven CAT TA22 transmissions.
BUHLER VERSATILE Scraper Tractors. Made in Canada.
Versatile scraper tractors are designed to be profitable. Versatile scraper tractors are powered by Cummins QSX15 engines and industry proven CAT TA22 powershift transmissions.

Versatile Scraper 435-485 hp – Product features

The basic specifications of the Versatile 435 and 485 Scraper Special tractors are quite similar to the 4WD 435-575 hp series. But the Scraper series offers some special features in addition:

Industrial grade

The frames on Versatile scraper tractors are among the heaviest in the industry, designed to manage horsepower and torque without the risk of frame damage. Both models are built on a heavy-duty 2 1/2" (25 mm) thick frame. Impressive overall weight distribution directs all available horsepower to the wheels and prevents tire slippage.

Auto Grease
Standard on the 435 and 485 Scraper Special is an auto greasing system. This electronically controlled unit can be set to grease in 1/2 hour intervals from .5 to 5.0 hours. Front view of a Scraper 435-485 hp Scraper 435-485 hp at work

High Flow Hydraulics
The Scraper is equipped with a high-flow hydraulic system, which can pump an impressive 80 GPM (303 L/min) with 2900 PSI (197 bar). Each model comes equipped with 6 standard, 3/4" couplers to handle even the largest implements. A hydraulic trailer braking coupler is standard equipment on the 435 and 485 Scraper.

Tow Cable
A tightly braided steel tow cable is securely mounted just behind the articulation point and extends all the way to the front weight kit. Simply unbolt the cable from the weights, attach to another machine and get out of any situation with ease.

Additional options are available to customize the tractor for your requirements. If you like more information about this product please download the PDF-files below:


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