Hydraulic Crane HL800

Camion-grue hydraulique de chargement WELDCO BEALES HL800

HL848 / HL858

The Weldco-Hydra-Lift HL800 series Truck Mounted Crane has its roots in the 70's as an HL160 Pitman Hydra-Lift. Undoubtedly the most popular oilfield crane of all time. Due to its compact physical mounting size, its full-fledged crane features, and its economical installation costs on a customer chassis, it still survives today as a Weldco HL 848 (3 stage boom) or as a Weldco HL858 (4 stage boom) and maintains the original design features while updating to current requirements.

  • Wireless anti-two block (A2B) shutdown protection system
  • Hydraulic planetary winch, 7000 lbs, turret mounted
  • Rotek type heavy duty slewing ring c/w eccentric ring backlash adjustment
  • Integral A-Frame outriggers
  • Hydraulic tank built into one of the operator platforms = space saver

This crane is an efficient material lifting device with easy to service components. The hydraulic system starts with a tandem gear pump (25gpm/15gpm) that supplies hydraulic fluid to the control panel which can be operated from either side of the chassis, putting the operator always in a safe postion to operate the crane. The control valves have integral relief protection and all cylinders are equipped with holding valves. Wire base A2B protection along with wireless load indication or wireless load moment indicators are available to meet current demands.

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