Camion-grue hydraulique de chargement WELDCO BEALES WHL40TC

WHL40TC75 (new WHL6510-75)

WHL40TC97 (new WHL6410-97)

WELDCO Hydra-Lift crane model WHL30TC70
The most popular truck mounted crane on oilfields is actually the model WHL30TC70 with 30-ton lifting capacity (36,500 lbs at 10’ radius), 59' boom length (70' sheave height) and 15,000 lbs planetary winch with integral brake. The WELDCO-BEALES crane model HL30TC70 can be mounted on either a single or double steering axle chassis.

The Weldco WHL40TC75 (new WHL6510-75) and WHL40TC97 (new WHL6410-97) are answers to customer's demands for longer booms and more lifting capacity. These cranes are most suited for tandem steer tri-drive rear axle chassis. The integral outriggers on the 40-ton sub-frame are extra long; two stage horizontal extension with vertical jack cylinders. A fully equipped operator swing-cab is standard equipment with a diesel fed furnace and upholstered operators seat.

  • Wireless anti-two block (A2B) shutdown protection system
  • 15,000 lb, groove drain, hydraulic planetary winch - 2 speed, electric shift
  • Massive Rotek type slewing ring with oversize external gear teeth
  • External drive swing box with eccentric ring backlash adjustment
  • Pressure compensated piston pump comes with low-pressure joy stick controls
  • Fully insulated cab with comfortable controls
  • Wireless load moment indicator (LMI) and shutdown system available

This crane offers the operator the environment of a professional to operate long hours while still being able to focus 100% on the job. The in-cab environment assists in maintaining focus on the lifting job while the LMI panel can help assist with load information without removing focus from the lifted load.

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