Remorque benne

Semi-remorque pour le transport de marchandises en vrac (benne)

Heavy duty 3-axles half pipe TIPPING SEMITRAILER, 40 cbm. RAC-Germany


3-axles half pipe TIPPING SEMITRAILER, Hardox 450, Capacity: 40 m³. Custom-made for rough roads and off-road application. Steel suspension, twin wheels. HARDOX 450 steel (8/6 mm). Top quality axles from BPW or SAF Germany. Max. payload 72000 kg (158730 lbs.) (Tires: 12.00R24). JOST king pin 3,5 inch. Drum brakes 420x200 mm.
2-axles tipping semi-trailers up to 22 cbm. RAC-Germany


Steel tipping box in Hardox 450 up to 22 m³. Two automatic welded main beams linked by cross bars. Stabilizer system. First axle with pneumatic lift. Spare wheel support with lifter. Tandem leaf-spring suspension with 13 leafs. 2-axles 12 ton twin wheels 315/80 R 22,5. 420 mm drum brakes with automatic adjusters.


2-AXLES TIPPING SEMITRAILER 5 mm HARDOX 450. Single wheel (445/65 R 22,5). Capacity: 22 cbm. Tare weight: 6800 kg. SAF or BPW axles. Disc brakes. Rear door with automatic opening with double hinge.

B2A Boggie

Hardox 450 tipping trailer, capacity: 25 cbm. Mechanical tandem axles (BPW or SAF), suspension: 32 ton, twin wheels 13R22,5 or 12R22,5. Rear door with automatic opening with double hinges. Stabilizer between body and chassis.
3-axles tipping semi-trailer Aluminium. RAC-Germany.


3-axles tipping semi-trailer with Aluminium tipper body, capacity max. 26 cbm. Tridem pneumatic suspension, first axle with pneumatic lift. Single wheels 385/65 R 22,5. Floor: 8 mm, sides and front: 6 mm. Tare only approx. 5400 kg
3-axles rear tipping semitrailer. 25m³. RAC-Germany


3-axles rear tipping semitrailer. Capacity: 25 cbm. The wide floor of the rounded tipping steel body provides a low centre of gravity. That makes the trailer more stable on rough roads. Floor, sides, front panel and rear door made of steel HARDOX 450 in 5 mm thickness . Stabilizer system. Pneumatic suspension. 3 Axles single wheels (385/65 R 22,5) , first axle with pneumatic lift.
3-axles rear tipper semitrailer for construction sites. RAC-Germany


3-axles rear tipper semitrailer made of Hardox 450. Capacity: 30 m³. Mechanical tridem suspensions (SAF). Twin-wheels 12 R 22,5 or 13 R 22,5. Drum brakes 420x200 mm. The box is available with bottom 6 or 8 mm and in multiconic or sqare shape.
Rear tipper bodies for construction sites and quarries. RAC-Germany


RAC-Germany® rear tipping halfpipe and rear tipping square box bodies have been specifically developed for the safe and efficient transportation of abrasive materials such as sand, gravel, rocks, aggregates, asphalt and debris. We are directing our attention to high payload, long service interval and low maintenance requirements.Model: T20RS with capacity of 20 m³ with HARDOX 450 steel rear tipping body. Multiconic body shape, front hydraulic ram, drivers cabin protection, automatic opening of the rear door.
Rear tipper trailer body 16 or 20 cbm. RAC-Germany


Rear tipper trailer body 16 m³ on 6x4 trucks and 20 m³ capacity on 8x4 truck chasis. Tipper body made of top quality HARDOX 450 steel (5 mm or 8 mm thickness). Tipping stabilizer. Chain lock system. Front end hydraulic lift cylinder with pressure valve. Automatic rear door opening mechanically with double hinges (standard) or with hydraulic cylinder. With our RAC-Germany® trailer bodies you are prepared for all kind of tipping jobs.
3-axles rock body rear tipper semitrailer. Capacity: 42 cbm.

42 m³, 3-axles rock body rear tipper semitrailer. Hydraulic front-end tipping cylinder, capacity: 90 ton. JOST landing gears and JOST 3,5" King Pin.
3-axles rock body rear tipper semitrailer. 42 cbm capacity. RAC-Germany.

3-axle (3x16 tons) Rock body tipper semi traile

3-axles rock body rear tipper semitrailer, model T42RAS. Capacity: 42 cbm. Deck plate thickness: 8 mm. Sides and front wall available in 6 or 8 mm. Suspension: Leaf springs. Axles: BPW 3x16 or 3x18 ton. Tires: 12.00R24 or 14.00R20. ===>>> The taildoor is hinged further back, attached to chassis with a wire.We offer different kind of taildoors and each model has specific advantages: ---> Pendulum rear taildoors with a chute enables precise tipping, for example when working with road finishers etc.---> The external pendulum rear taildoor is beneficial for partial unloading and for wet bulk goods (with with an special rubber seal).---> The rear tailgate with hydraulic cylinder can be fully opened before beginning the tipping process. This permits tipping larger rocks and prevent the rear tail door from damages.

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