Sugar Cane Trailer

Remorque de 94 m3 pour le transport du sucre de canne

Production of 17 units HEAVY  DUTY  2-AXLE  RIGID  DUMP  SEMITRAILER for the transportation of cane sugar plants

Nom. Capacity:   41 ton. / 94 cbm.
GVW:                     56 ton.
Dimension:         16,0 x 3,0 x 3,8 m (LxWxH)
Axles:                    BPW W-axles with 2 x 16 ton. capacity

Agricultural off-road semi-trailer. Custom-made by RAC-Germany.
HEAVY DUTY 2-AXLE RIGID DUMP SEMITRAILER for transportation of cane sugar plants on sugar cane fields in East Africa. Capacity: approx. 41 ton, GVW: 58 ton. Volume: 94 cbm. BPW-Germany off-road axles and 14.00R20 Michelin tires. The trailers are customized and 100% Made in Germany.

Heavy duty agricultural semitrailer for sugarcane crop.
Agricultural semitrailer for sugarcane crop. The trailer is designed for off-road application. The running gear is equipped with BPW W-axles (tandem) of 2 x 18 ton with steel leaf suspension and 420 mm brake drums with S-cam.

Video: short version (2:46 min)

Production and shipping of sugar cane trailer. First use on plantation in Africa. 2.46 Min.

Video: long version (9:42 min)

Production and shipping of sugar cane trailer. First use on plantation in Africa. 9.42 Min.
Body-shell production. Heavy duty semi-trailers. RAC-Germany®
Manufacturing of one of two steel beam of the trailer main frame.
Heavy duty main frame of agricultral semitrailer made by RAC-Germany®
The semitrailer framework consists of two fabricated steel beams of European high quality steel. The steel beams are strongly connected with the cross members supporting the suspension and the kingpin upper coupler. Strongly reinforced upper coupler plate with exchangeable JOST 3 ½” king pin.
The main frame of sugar cane semitrailer after sandblasting, ready for priming and painting.
The main frame of the heavy duty semitrailer for agricultural application is made of European top quality steel type QStE380 / ST52-3. The two main beams are strongly connected with an adequate number of cross members. We make sure to get the maximum strength and concurrently the highest level of flexibility.
In production: Heavy duty agricultural semitrailer for off-road application
[] The steel body and main frame of that sugar cane semitrailer is designed for extreme off-road application. Outside dimension (LxWxH): 16,0 x 3,0 x 3,8 m. Loading capacity: 94 cbm / 41 ton
View of semi-trailer production of RAC-Germany®
Sugarcane semitrailer production. Here: Welding of the side walls. The heavy duty steel body is designed for extreme Off-Road application. The side-, rear- and front-walls is made out of 4 mm perforated European steel with Ø25 mm holes. The holes are designed with 50 mm and 75 mm distance over the whole area of walls. The side-walls are separated in five (5) parts with 3000 mm length each and one (1) with 400mm length. The front wall reinforced with additional supports.
After welding: High pressure cleaning with hot water, preparing for sandblasting
Agricultural semitrailer for the off-road transport of sugarcane plants after crop: The side-, rear- and front-walls is made out of 4mm perforated steel plates with Ø 25mm holes. The holes are designed with 50mm and 75mm distance over the whole area of walls.
Painting of heavy duty off-road agricultural trailer. RAC-Germany®
Each semitrailer will be abrasive blasted, primed and painted with synthetic enamel finish, color according to customers request.
Rear hatch of rigid dump semitrailer for sugar cane transportation
The rear door is oscillated fixed with heavy-duty reinforced hinges on top of the side-walls. Rubber buffers are mounted on the rear frame to protect the rear door from being damaged during operation.
Inspection of the sugarcane trailers in our production site in Germany
Detailed inspection of the agricultural off-road semitrailers by the engineers of the customer before shipping to the final destination in Africa.
Before shipping of the sugar cane semitrailers two engineers of the final customer are visiting our production site to inspect the trailers.
Road transportation of the semitrailers to seaport of the Hamburg in Germany
The heavy duty semitrailer for sugar cane plants tranportation are equipped with 14.00R20 off-road tires, Michelin XZY. Rims: Disc-wheel, 10 holes, Brand: Lemmerz. Size:10.00W20
RAC-Germany®. Heavy duty semi-trailer on road transportation to the German harbor.
We are happy to cooperate since many years with our reliable partner for road transportation:
Custom-made sugar cane trailers in the port of Hamburg just before shipping
Heavy duty rigid dump trailers for agricultural off-road application on sugar cane fields in Africa.
RAC-Germany®. Agricultural semitrailer RORO shipped on HÖEGH Autoliner
The loading process on RO-RO vessel operated by our reliable partner for seafreight shipping for all of our rolling equipment: HÖEGH Autoliners.
Agricultural trailer loaded in RO-RO vessel in Hamburg Germany
Fixing and securing of the sugar cane trailers in Ro-RO vessel on the way to the final destination in East Africa.
Rigid dump semitrailer for sugarcane transport in operation. View before off-lading on the hydraulic ramp.
View of the heavy duty rigid dump, 2-axles semitrailer for sugarcane transportation in operation in the sugar factory in Africa. That image shows the trailer just before off-lading the 41 ton of sugar cane on the hydraulic ramp.
During commissioning of the off-road sugar cane semi-trailers.
Our customers appreciate the friendly cooperation our technicians with the engineers at site during training and commissioning.

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