Low-Bed Trailer

Heavy duty, high quality. Made in Germany or Western-Europe.

Heavy duty lowboy 96 ton. Made in Germany

96 tons. Low-Bed-Trailer

Genuine BPW axles (3 x 18 ton), leaf springs, twin tires 14.00 R 20, off-road application. Payload: 80 ton. Loading length: 13500 mm, width 3000 / 3200 mm

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3-axles lowboy semi-trailer. RAC-Germany

PM3 (3 Axles lowbed semi-trailers)

3-axles lowboy semi-trailer with gooseneck. Payload: 45 ton. Floor: steel/hardwood. Length of load deck 9220 mm
Two axles container platform semi-trailers 45 ton. RAC-Germany

PC2A (2 Axles container platform semi-trailers)

Custom-made container platform semi-trailer, 2-axles (SAF, BPW), Payload: 45 ton. Dimension: 12500 x 2480 mm. Tires: 12 R 22,5. Twist-locks (8x) for two 20" or one 40" container. Lashing rings for general goods.
2-axles boggie lowbed semi-trailer. RAC-Germany

PM2A (2 Axles boggie lowbed semi-trailers to african markets)

Custom-built 2-axles boggie lowbed semi-trailer. Payload: 40 ton. Low deck length: 9270 mm, width extendible to 3500 mm. Reinforced boggie suspension: 32 ton. Tires: 12R22,5
3 axles lowbed semi-trailer, 60 ton, reinforced. RAC-Germany

PM3A (3 axles lowbed semi-trailers reinforced to african markets)

Custom-made 3-axles lowbed semi-trailer, special reinforced. Payload: 60 ton. 3 BPW axles 16 ton each. Loading deck length: 9270 mm, width extendible to 3000 mm. Tires: 12 R 22,5. The payload can be increased with 20 ton axles and 14.00 R 20 tires.
Extensible lowbed semi-trailer 45 ton. RAC-Germany

PM3E (3 Axles extensible lowbed semi-trailers)

Custom-made lowbed semi-trailer, payload: 45 ton. Extensible chassis: length of loading deck from 9 220 mm to 14 820 mm. Load width: 3 000 mm. SAF or BPW axles 13 ton each. Tires: 245/70 R 17,5
3-axles lowbed semi-trailers extensible and steered axles 45 ton

PM3ED (3 Steered axles extensible lowbed semi-trailers)

Custom-build automatic steered 3-axles (SAF, each 13 ton)) lowbed semi-trailers. Payload 45 ton. Loading deck length from 9220 mm to 15220 mm. Extendable trailer width to 3000 mm. Tires: 245/70R17,5
3-Axles lowbed semi-trailers 30 ton. RAC-Germany

PM3L (3 Axles lowbed eco semi-trailers dimensions)

Custom-made lowbed semi-trailers with 3 axles and strong gosseneck. Payload: 30 ton. Length of loading deck: 9130 mm. 3 units 12 ton axles (BPW or SAF) with pneumatic lift in the first axle. Tires: 245/70 R 17,5
3-axles central low load deck semi-trailer, 40 ton. RAC-Germany

PM3R (Central low load deck semi-trailers 3 axles (1 self-steering))

Central low load deck semi-trailer with 3-axles (each 13 ton), payload: 40 ton. The last axle is self steering. Tires: 245/70 R 17,5. Central low load deck length: 6540 mm. Hardwood loading deck.
Lowbed Semi-Trailer capacity 100 ton. RAC-Germany

PM7 (7 Axles low bed semi-trailer)

Lowbed Semi-Trailer. Payload: 100 ton. 7-axles. Tires: 245/70 R 17,5
Lowbed semi-trailer, capacity: 100 ton. Made in Germany

PM8 (8 Axles low bed semi-trailer 4 pendular suspensions)

Lowbed semi-trailer with payload of 100 ton. Four mechanic suspensions of longitudinal and transversal double tandem axle swing. 8 units semi-axles. 32 pcs. tires 265/70 R 19,5. Length of loading deck: 11250 mm, width: 3500 mm
Lowbed trailer 3-axles, 30 ton payload. RAC-Germany

RPM3 (3 Axles lowbed trailer)

3-axles lowbed trailer. Capacity: 30 ton. Loading length: 6 435 mm Loading deck made of hard wood (less slippery)
4-axles lowbed trailer. Capacity: 40 ton. RAC-Germany

PRM4 (4 Axles lowbed trailer)

4-axles lowbed trailer. Capacity: 40 ton. Loading length: 6 940 mm Loading deck made of hard wood.
4-axle heavy duty lowbed semi-trailer, step deck

4-axle low bed semi trailer - step deck

Heavy duty lowboy semi-trailer. Capacity: 100 ton. 4 x 20 Tons – Heavy Duty Rocking Beam Axles.
2-axles Oil field bed semi-trailer, 65 ton. RAC-Germany

type SAT 40/48

Custom-made in Germany: Oil field semi-trailer (two (2) BPW axles, 20 ton each) with flat bed. Payload: 48 ton. Loading length: 13.716 mm and loading width: 3.050 mm. Floor made of 8 mm chequered steel plates, 8 x twist-locks and 10 x lashing rings 20 ton each. 14.00R20 tires for off-road application.
Oil field lowboy semi-trailer 2-axles 65 ton. RAC-Germany

type SAT-EX 40/46 with goose neck

Customized oil field lowboy semi-trailer 2-axles, gooseneck. Payload: 45,5 ton. Loading length: 14550 mm, loading width: 3050 mm, Loading heigth: 1436 mm. Tires: 14.00 R 20 for off-road application. Center roll and twist locks.
Lowboy semi-trailer 2-axles with gooseneck. Payload 31 ton. RAC-Germany

type SATü 22/31

2-axles lowbed semi-trailer with gooseneck. Payload 31 ton. Total loading length 8000 mm. Loading height: 950 mm. Tires: 235/75 R 17,5. Custom-made by RAC-Germany.
Off-road lowbed semi-trailer 3-axles, 65 ton. RAC-Germany

type SATü 40/50

3-axles off-road lowbed semi-trailer. Payload: 49,5 ton. Total loading length: 10 meter, total width. 3 meter, loading height: 1300 mm. Tires: 12.00 R 20. Suspension:Leaf springs
Semi-trailer, 3-axles, flatbed, 73 ton. RAC-Germany

type SAT 48/60

Customized 3-axles off-road semi-trailer, flatbed (plateau). Payload: 60 ton. 3 x BPW axles 16 ton each (Option: 3 x BPW axles with 20 ton each). Tires: 14.00R20. Loading length: 12200 mm, loading width: 2800 mm. Fifth wheel height: 1830 mm.

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