Our answers to customer's demands for longer booms and more lifting capacity

WHL40TC75 (new WHL6510-75)

WHL40TC97 (new WHL6410-97)

RAC-Germany™ truck mounted hydraulic stiff boom cranes
WELDCO Hydra-Lift cranes offer an industry proven design and reputation for robust performance in some of the most extreme conditions. From frigid conditions in the Artic to extreme dessert heat in the Middle East: WELDCO-Hydra-Lift truck mounted cranes provide you with safe and reliable lifts year after year.

The Weldco WHL40TC75 (new WHL6510-75) and WHL40TC97 (new WHL6410-97) are answers to customer's demands for longer booms and more lifting capacity. These cranes are most suited for tandem steer tri-drive rear axle chassis. The integral outriggers on the 40-ton sub-frame are extra long; two stage horizontal extension with vertical jack cylinders. A fully equipped operator swing-cab is standard equipment with a diesel fed furnace and upholstered operators seat.

  • Wireless anti-two block (A2B) shutdown protection system
  • 15,000 lb, groove drain, hydraulic planetary winch - 2 speed, electric shift
  • Massive Rotek type slewing ring with oversize external gear teeth
  • External drive swing box with eccentric ring backlash adjustment
  • Pressure compensated piston pump comes with low-pressure joy stick controls
  • Fully insulated cab with comfortable controls
  • Wireless load moment indicator (LMI) and shutdown system available

This crane offers the operator the environment of a professional to operate long hours while still being able to focus 100% on the job. The in-cab environment assists in maintaining focus on the lifting job while the LMI panel can help assist with load information without removing focus from the lifted load.

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