Workshop Container

Custom-made mobile workshops for your individual needs on oilfields and construction sites

MECHANICAL WORSHOP CAB on SKID with lifting eyes

Mobile workshop container complete equipped with machines and tools. Temperature Insulated. RAC-Germany.
Mobile workshop container complete equipped with power generating set 44 KVA, srew air compressor (13 bar), lathe machine (1000 / 179 mm), drill press, Karcher high pressure cleaner, welding machines, grinding machine, working bench, tool cabinet, parallel vice etc. Extensive sets of top quality mechanical and electrical hand tools, drilling machine, angle grinder etc.

That mechanical workshop container is custom-made and temperature Insulated for oilfield operation in extreme climatic conditions: Ext. temperature from - 40°C to +55°C.
Outside dimensions of mobil workshop container. Made in Germany, Europe.
The outside dimensions of mobil workshop container, supplied with mechanical machines and complete tools sets. The workshop containers are custom-built according to your specific requirements. The container can be insulated and provided with A/C and / or heaters.

Outside view of mobile workshop container for repair and maintenance.
Outside view of mobile mechanical workshop container for repair, maintenance and service jobs in remote areas.


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