Controlling and Packing

We do quality and quantity inspection of your shipment and save packing is an obligation for us.


We are aware that our product spare parts and other items will travel all around the world, we are making sure that it is properly packed and that the packaging is strong to be able to resist abuse.

We organize for you all necessary pre-inspection by SGS, Cotecna, Bureau Veritas or by our in-house quality control staff.

Packing of a new Mercedes-Benz Actros cabin

Safe packing is for us an obligation
We make the impossible possible: Safe packing is for us an obligation
Mercedes-Benz Actros cabin for delivery by airfreight
Special packing in wooden crates for seafreight or airfreight shipping. Mercedes-Benz Actros cabin for delivery by airfreight

Airfreight packing of a new Mercedes-Benz industrial engine

Mercedes-Benz industrial engine packing for airfreight
Mercedes-Benz industrial engine for use in mobil crane. Packing for airfreight delivery in wooden crate.
Special packing to protect from corrosion
Special arrangements against rust film.
Packing new mercedes benz engine
Special wooden boxes for the transportation of sea fright
Special wooden boxes
The wooden crate is light and solid for this heavy engine.

Packing of Hydralift hydraulic cranes

Controlling an packing hydralift crane
Packing hydralift crane
Parts of hydralift crane ready for packing
Parts of hydralift crane
Mainframe Assy waiting for transport
Mainframe Assy
Loading components of hydraulic crane
Transportation of mainframe assembly
Assy loadet on special trailer
Mainframe Assy on low bed trailer
Prepacked swing-out outriggers
Swing-out outriggers
The boom assembly
Packing of the boom assembly
3 Stage boom Assy
3 Stage boom Assy wrapped with anti-corrosion foil
Mainframe assembly from hydralift crane
Mainframe assembly on special palette
All parts wrapped specifc
All parts wrapped with anti-corrosion foil
Ready for loading in container
Mainframe assy ready for loading in container
Loading the 40" container
Loading of the special palettes in 40" container

You will get here more detailed pictures of inspection and loading of Weldco-Beales cranes.



Packing of spare parts

Spare Parts ready for sending
Packing of spare parts
Heavy palettes with plastic foil
Heavy card boards on palettes, protected with plastic foil
Loading of the special palettes
Safe packing of the palettes in 40" containers
Packing and loading the container
After packing the container will be loaded on the truck chassis
Packing spare parts for airfreight
Safe airfreight packing of spare parts
Our technicans
Inspection of incoming goods
Inspection and packing
Inspection of incoming goods and packing
Boxes before packing in container
The boxes and palettes before packing in container
Loading for sea freight
Loading and fixing of the palettes in the see container
Safe loading for sea freight
Loading and fixing of the palettes in the see container picture 2
Wooden constructions for sea container
Manufacturing of wooden constructions for cargo securing in sea container
Fixing a CAT LINNK AS 199-5525
Fixing of "CAT LINK AS 199-5525" in sea container.
Palette with "CAT SHOE 9W-2738
The weight of each palette "CAT SHOE 9W-2738" is 1950 kg. Safe fixing of the four palettes in the sea containers is a obligation
Well secured goods
The goods are well secured. Container is ready for shipment.

Shipping of VOLVO dump trucks and low-bed trailers

Loading of Volvo Dumper A40

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