Pre-shipment inspection of your goods

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Pre-shipment inspection

We offer you a pre-shipment inspection service for new and used products such as trucks, construction machines and technical equipment. In providing this service, we do not act as the vendor but as a neutral third party. We can either accompany you to your suppliers’ premises when you go to see the products, or carry out the inspection independently. 

Our qualified, experienced engineers will check the functionality of the equipment and machinery according to your specifications and also carry out any necessary tests. 

We will inform you about the general condition of the vehicles, equipment or machinery, and highlight any specific problems or defects. 

You will be provided with a written record of the results of the functional inspection and tests. We will of course make recommendations to help you with your purchasing decisions, and draw your attention to any necessary adjustments or repairs.

Pre-shipment inspection
Pump Model M-36
Putzmeister concrete pump Model M-36
Our technicians starting with the inspection
The inspections of the vehicle is starting
Some parts need to be repaired
The steering pump is leacking and need to be repaired
Inspection of the Putzmeister pump
Inspection of the engine
The general condition of the equipment
How is the general condition of the equipment?
Inspection the Pump
Inspection of the vehicle chassis, springs, brakes etc.
All functions o.k. ?
All electical functions o.k. ?
Inspection of the complete system
Inspection of the complete hydaulic system of the machine and function test. Does the concrete pump work as it should?
Everything working correctly?
Are the pumps are working correctly? Are the seals in good shape?
How is the funktion of the accessories
Are the accessories available and how is there function / condition?
The tool box of the pump
The tool box with the accessories etc. are welded against theft during the transport
The equipment is ready
The equipment is ready for transportation

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