In addition to supplying we do provide intensive after sales and troubleshooting services

What can we do for you? With holistic approach we develop technical solutions and supply heavy equipment and spare parts.

By doing business with RAC Germany® you benefit by our volume discount. We can save you transport expensis for the delivery of the spare parts and other items on Air and Sea Freight by using our discount on consolidations.

We provide all freight and customs documentation for all shipments anywhere in the world. We constantly negotiate with air and sea freight companies to ensure we recieve the best possible rates. Our shipping department will determine the quickest and most efficient shipping routes in order to reduce costs. We also ship emergency orders or just routine stocking orders. We are also able to trace our shipments worldwide and deliver a status report to the customer about their shipment. We want to deliver orders C&F or CIF at the lowest possible cost to our customers.

Thorough inspection of incoming goods
For decades we have been using first-class suppliers. Nevertheless, if a delivery does not meet our high quality demands, we lodge an immediate complaint. Thus, after a no compromise receiving inspection, we can guarantee that we only deliver quality goods to our customers.
Intelligent logistics
We insure the accurate delivery of goods to our customers by careful examination and electronic recording of the requested part number. This is transferred automatically from the quotation all the way to the delivery note. In this way we eliminate errors during subsequent processing of the order. In addition, we attach a label, which contains all important data detailing the manufacturer, number of items and packing unit as well as the part number and customer relevant order information to each spare part. This provides us with a control method before delivery of the goods and at the same time makes it easier for our customers to allocate the goods when they arrive at their warehouse.
Accurate shipping documents and pre-shipment inspections
Complete and accurately prepared shipping documents are an absolute requirement in international trade. Export and import customs agencies often require documents in different languages and with official authentication and validation (e.g. chamber of commerce, consulate etc.). We provide all necessary documents without leaving any questions open. In this way we facilitate the smooth export and import of our goods. If requested by our customers, we organize the pre-shipment inspection of the shipments through BUREAU VERITAS, COTECNA, SGS etc.

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